Maximizing reach and boosting sales for your art shows - Why you should consider taking your event online?

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With the rise of digital technology, online exhibitions provide new opportunities for art event organizers to showcase artwork to a wider audience and increase sales. Whether as an extension of your in-person art exhibition or as a standalone event, the benefits of hosting an online exhibition are hard to ignore. In this article, we will explore seven key advantages that online exhibitions offer for art event organizers.

Increased accessibility: Online exhibitions provide convenient access and reach a wider audience than physical exhibitions.

Anyone with a device and an internet connection can access your event, regardless of their geographical location or travel limitations. Moreover, art lovers can visit your online event at any time and easily come for repeat visits.

Cost-effectiveness: Online exhibitions are generally more cost-effective to organize than physical exhibitions.

There are no costs associated with renting a physical space, shipping artwork, installing artwork, insurance and security.

Greater flexibility: Online exhibitions offer greater flexibility in terms of scheduling and display space.

You can choose when to launch your event and how long it will be available for viewing. You can also showcase artwork online without concern for display space and rearrange or replace them easily and quickly.

Ease of marketing: Online exhibitions are easier to share and promote.

Attractive and targeted marketing campaigns on social media and other online channels can be easily designed by leveraging the content of your online event.

Enhanced viewing experience: Online exhibitions provide engaging and in-depth browsing experience.

The inherent features of online exhibitions make it easy to search and find specific types of artwork based on descriptors such as category, theme and subject. The viewers can also access detailed information about the artwork and learn about their creators. 

Increased sales opportunities: Online exhibitions make it easy for the viewers to arrive at a purchasing decision and complete the shopping process.

The viewers can easily come for repeat visits, increasing the likelihood of a purchase. They can also conveniently purchase artwork online and arrange for delivery. 

More visitor information: Online exhibitions make it easy to gather information needed to evaluate success and follow up with the visitors.

Information such as how many people visited the exhibition, how long they stayed and what did they view can be easily collected along with visitors’ feedback. Also, visitors’ email information may be collected for follow up and invitation to future events.


As highlighted above, online exhibitions offer many benefits for art event organizers, empowering them to showcase artwork to a wider audience and increase sales while minimizing costs and effort. However, it is essential to select a suitable platform to ensure that your online exhibition runs smoothly and meets your objectives.

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