Organize your virtual art exhibition with us

Attract more visitors, boost sales and lower costs, whether they are held as stand alone events or held in conjunction with events organized at a physical venue.

We will work with you to organize your virtual art exhibition on our professional, attractive and secure e-commerce platform, bringing all the benefits of going virtual to you:

  • Wide access: -Art lovers can visit your online event from anywhere, at anytime and over an extended period of time
  • Convenient access: - Art lovers can easily come back for repeat visits and those facing the challenges of travelling and social distancing can visit your event from the comfort of their homes
  • Flexible exhibition space: - A large selection of artworks may be showcased without concern for display space, while smaller exhibitions may be attractively presented
  • Easy management: - Artworks may be rearranged and replaced quickly at any time
  • Cost effective marketing: - Attractive and targeted Search Engine and social media campaigns can be designed cost effectively by leveraging the existing content of your virtual event
  • Low insurance and security costs

We will support you and your exhibitors every step of the way in organizing and holding your virtual art exhibition.

We will assist with planning and designing your virtual event

  • Incorporate your requirements in the design and operation of your event on our platform
  • Contribute to the design of your event's logo, slogan(s) and digital poster as needed
  • Offer the participating artists guidelines and best practices for exhibiting online including presentation of their profile and artwork images.
  • Create attractive artwork collections for the participating artists on our platform
    • Multiple images of artworks may be showcased including some in virtual rooms
    • Detailed artwork information such as medium, size, price will be listed
    • Attractive artist profiles (bio, photo, inspiration and contact information) will be presented

We will host and operate your virtual event

  • The participating artists will be prominently presented on the platform making it easy for visitors to find information about their artworks and learn about them (skills, inspiration, statement, etc.)
  • The exhibited artworks will be attractively showcased and they may be viewed by sorting options such as “creator”, “category”, “price” and “theme”
  • Online payments by purchasers will be processed securely and reported through transparent statements
  • If required, we will offer the participating artists the option to directly manage the sale of their artworks instead of selling online

We will promote and market your virtual event locally, regionally and beyond.

  • Our tool box includes public relations, print media, search engine advertising and social media

Artist Entrance Fee (up to 1 month exhibition) 

$ 25 for up to 5 artworks

$40 for up to 10 artworks

This fee may be directly charged to the participating artists or it may be sponsored

Commission on sales


We do not charge commission on the sale of artworks at virtual events

Transaction Fee (this fee covers the costs of online payment processing and disbursement of sale proceeds to artist)

6% on sales

This fee will be directly charged to the artist for each artwork sold

To find our more about our "Virtual Art Exhibition" services and discuss your requirements, please contact us

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