Carte de la Magie du territoire de la MRC des Laurentides - Call for Artists & Artisans

Artists and artisans residing within the region of MRC des Laurentides (full / part-time) are invited to showcase their talent on the creation of the Carte de la magie du territoire de la MRC des Laurentides. The selected artists will be asked to submit, an artwork representing/symbolizing an attractive feature of their respective  municipality / town - e.g., a natural attraction, a  recreational activity, etc., to be featured on the map.

About the project:

Thanks to a grant from the MRC des Laurentides and partnerships with the local municipalities, towns, artists and artisans, Ateliers Müz has created the Carte de la magie du territoire de la MRC des Laurentides, an interactive and visually appealing tool to promote the arts, culture and beauty of the territory.

The Carte de la magie du territoire de la MRC des Laurentides provides a unique and memorable perspective on the region by incorporating artwork symbolizing the magical features of the territory together with informative text, images and video links.

Not only this attractive and engaging tool supports the cultural, economic and social development within the territory of the MRC des Laurentides, it also brings visibility and prosperity to our talented local artists. More information

Participation benefits:

  • The participating artists will get significant visibility as the Carte de la magie du territoire de la MRC des Laurentides will be promoted  locally, regionally and beyond. The viewers will be able to access the profile and contact information of the participating artists.
  • The participating artists will receive online exhibition services valued at $120/year (1 year free) + commission for new artwork created for this project.
    • Online exhibition services will be provided by Ateliers Müz and will include creation of solo art galleries on its platform. Each gallery will present the artist’s profile together with up to 5 artwork and will be linked to Carte de la magie du territoire de la MRC des Laurentides. By visiting the solo galleries, the viewers can learn more about the participating artists and their creative work and purchase the exhibited artwork.
    • The online exhibition services will also offer other benefits such as Social Media promotion as per the Premium Exhibition Plan detailed here.
    • The commission will be determined according to the budget.

The participating artists will be selected based on a set of predefined requirements and submission date. Please note that in order to increase the opportunity for more artists to participate and to refresh the look of the map, the artwork featured will be changed from time to time.

To be considered for this project, please contact Ateliers Müz by email ( and attach a copy of your artist Profile as well as two images of your artwork.

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