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Carte de la Magie du territoire de la MRC des Laurentides - A unique interactive virtual map of the enchanting cultural, social and economic facets of the MRC des Laurentides territory.

LAC-SUPÉRIEUR, July 18, 2023 - Leveraging a grant from the MRC des Laurentides and partnerships with the local municipalities/towns and artists/ artisans, Ateliers Müz is in the process of creating the Carte de la Magie du territoire de la MRC des Laurentides, an interactive infographic map. The objective of this map will be to promote the interesting and distinct features and capabilities of the municipalities and towns of the MRC des Laurentides to potential visitors, vacationers, workers, and businesses.

A notable feature of the Carte de la Magie du territoire de la MRC des Laurentides is the incorporation of artwork created by local artists and artisans to symbolise the magical features of the territory.

While the Carte de la Magie du territoire de la MRC des Laurentides will support the social, economic, and cultural development within MRC des Laurentides, it will also bring visibility and prosperity to our talented local artists and artisans.

We appreciate the financial assistance from MRC des Laurentides and the support of its Economic Development Corporation (CDE) in creating the Carte de la Magie du territoire de la MRC des Laurentides. The map will be unveiled next fall.


Simin Foster
Ateliers Müz 514-243-0404


EXPO-ART SUPÉRIEUR 2020; September 01 – 30, 2020 @

A magnificent art exhibition showcasing the work of artists from the Laurentians and beyond!

Celebrating art in our lives; EXPO-ART SUPÉRIEUR 2020

1st to 30th September @

ART IS INFECTIOUS TOO! What started off as an initiative to showcase and celebrate the creativity and passion of local Laurentian artists and artisans has actually spread across Canada attracting participants from not only other regions in Quebec but also from Ontario, Manitoba and British Columbia.

EXPO-ART SUPÉRIEUR 2020 is a virtual art show and sale, taking place online, during the month of September at Over one hundred unique artworks by around 20 artists and artisans will be on display covering a wide range of disciplines including painting, silk-screen, etching, collage and sculpture.

The participating artists include Odile Loulou, etching and silkscreen artist from Lac-Supérieur and the contemporary artists Gladys Symons and Marie-Lyne Bourassa from Mont-Tremblant. From further afield, the event will present the work of Normand St.Vincent, a talented sculptor from Rigaud and Elissa Anthony, the celebrated artist from Vancouver Island whose landscape images adorn chocolate boxes of the famous Victoria chocolatier, Roger’s Chocolates.

In collaboration with the Municipality of Lac-Supérieur, EXPO-ART SUPÉRIEUR 2020 is a community initiative with the mission to support local artists during these challenging times brought about by Covid-19, when it is difficult to have a physical gallery exhibition. This event is hosted by Ateliers MÜZ on its e-commerce website, a platform dedicated to virtual community art shows and gallery.

EXPO-ART SUPÉRIEUR 2020’s organizing committee members, Councillor Jenny Pearson-Millar, Cory Ciona, professional artist and sommelier and Simin Foster of Ateliers MÜZ thank the participating artists and the valuable support of the Municipality of the Lac-Supérieur. They add “we are impressed that the event has attracted interest from beyond our region and we wish all the artists and artisans a successful virtual show”.


For further information, please contact 

Simin Foster, Ateliers MÜZ, Lac-Supérieur

514 243 0404

Jenny Pearson Millar, Conseillère, District 5, Municipalité de Lac Supérieur,

819 219 2198

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