Customer Testimonials

Here are some testimonials from our customers:

"Je suis très satisfait de ma nouvelle acquisition! La toile s'agence parfaitement à notre décor. Votre site m'a permis de connaître une artiste de qualité.

De plus, l'artiste s'est déplacé en grande partie pour m'apporter ladite toile afin d'éviter des frais de transport élevés et limiter les manipulations, ce que j'ai beaucoup apprécié. Salutations,"Sylvain Diotte
"It was a really smooth process to purchase online. I also knew someone up north that could collect the piece for me. Everything was easy.

The painting is now being cherished in an office in Quebec City that works provincially with all the regions of Quebec and wished to have a piece of art representing the Laurentian region. “Mountain View” was the prefect choice." -Stephanie Helmer


À travers les Ateliers Müz, j'ai découvert des artistes inspirants dont, M. Normand St-Vincent sculpteur. Parmi ses œuvres, j'ai déniché un superbe bâton de marche...unique !" - Julie Tardif


"In August 2020, the Arundel Art Show was cancelled due to Covid-19. Instead, I collaborated with Ateliers Müz to develop a virtual art exhibition on the website Ateliers Müz. The Arundel Art Exhibition became Müz’s first online endeavour. Fifteen of the twenty-eight 2020 Arundel Art Show participants subscribed to Müz’s online services. Of this group, twelve artists sold their work - a whopping success." - Janet Thomas


"How fantastic to have reached so many people with our At A Distance Exhibition….I am sure I can speak for Elisabeth when I say we are thrilled with the results. Your beautiful hard work made it all possible. Thank you again from Elisabeth and I. We hope to be able to work with you again😊" - Sharon Sangster


"It was lovely to meet Guylaine, albeit briefly. The foraging basket is perfect!" - Renee Kessler

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