Our mission and offer

Our mission is to give an easy and convenient access to artworks and creative services offered by artists and artisans in the Laurentian and the surrounding regions.

We empower and support the local artists and artisans to get visibility and generate income from their creative talents, easily and cost-effectively.

Working with artists and artisans, we build attractive on-line galleries for their artworks and artistic services, such as art workshops, on our inviting and trusted e-commerce platform. Moreover, we promote artworks and creative services to the residents and visitors of the region and beyond.

In collaboration with artist associations and other art event organizers, we design and host attractive virtual art exhibitions on our platform. We also promote these exhibitions to the public (virtual art exhibitions can be organized as stand-alone events or in conjunction with physical events).

We bring all the benefits of going virtual to local artists and art event organizers and offer the possibility for the art-lovers to purchase artworks online or directly from the artists.

For more information about Ateliers Müz, a social enterprise, please visit contact us.

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