The North River Begins - Paint a beautiful river scene (Online, Live -  July 05 & July 08)
Margaret Ann Adams

The North River Begins - Paint a beautiful river scene (Online, Live - July 05 & July 08)

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  • Type: Online live sessions on Zoom with instructional video and email support
  • Instructrice / Instructor: Margaret Ann Adams
  • Langue d’instruction / Instruction language: Live instructions are bilingual (English / français) according to the attendees' need; Supporting pre-recorded video instructions are in English
  • Schedule / Calendrier: July 05: 10:00 am - 2:30 pm; July 08: 10:00 am - 2:30 pm (2021) 
  • Description: You will learn, step-by-step, how to bring light and colour to your paintings and create a world of realism that tells the story but not the entire story, leaving room for imagination. This workshop introduces a series of learning curves designed to bring light and colour to your paintings and by the time it is over you will have mastered the art of rocks. The instructions will include using a limited palette of colours and as well as brush techniques
  • Structure: The two sessions will include live lessons supported by video instructions and Q&A periods as you paint along. You will also be provided with email support between sessions. A video recording of this workshop will be available to you for reference.
  • Target Audience: Adults and all the levels of competencies. Some knowledge of oil or acrylic is recommended
  • Tools and material attendees need to have ready / Les outils et le matériel que les participants doivent préparer: Canvas or wood (suggested size rectangular 12” x 16”); Oil or Acrylic paints; Brushes (flat, round and filbert) - A list of materiel and préparation procedures will be sent to you 10 days prior to class.
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