Margaret Ann Adams; Arundel, Québec (Ateliers d'art / Art workshops)

I have no exact memory of when it began, but I do know that as a child and onwards, a pen, pencil or paintbrush was always at my fingertips.

My true love of the animals in my world whether wild or companions, has been the source of my inspiration and the desire to capture their heart and soul and the power of their existence through my art.

My paintings are the pieces of my heart that are the memories of my lifetime, and the beauty of my surroundings in the Laurentian Mountains has served to enhance the expression of my creations.

With a degree in Fine Arts, I have been teaching painting and drawing in my studio in the Laurentian Mountains for over 25 years. My approach to teaching is to guide the students to understand why they should paint and follow certain techniques, stimulating their confidence and creativity. 

Sharing with others through artwork and lessons has become more than my mission in life, it is my life.

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Collection Peinture / Painting

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