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Organize virtual art exhibitions

Be it in conjunction with your physical events or organized as stand-alone events, virtual art exhibitions have the great potential to attract more visitors, boost sales and lower costs!

We will design, host and operate your virtual art exhibition on our trusted e-commerce platform, bringing all the benefits of going virtual to you.

  • Increase access to your events. Art lovers can view your online exhibits at anytime, they can come back for repeat viewings and those who find it difficult or are unable to travel could visit your virtual event.
  • Eliminate the challenges of ensuring social distancing brought about by the pandemic.
  • Provide unlimited exhibition space and make replacing of sold artworks fast and easy.
  • Achieve more efficiency and effectiveness in marketing your event online. It is easier and less costly to promote virtual art exhibitions through social media as they are already online.

    We will work with you to plan and design your virtual art exhibition and create attractive online artwork collections for the participating artists.

    • Multiple images of artworks may be presented including some in virtual rooms.
    • Detailed artwork information such as medium, size, price will be listed.
    • Attractive artist profile (bio, photo, inspiration and contact information) will be showcased.

    We will operate your virtual event on our professional and engaging platform.

    • The participating artists will be prominently presented on the platform making it easy for the visitors to find the artworks and profile of a particular artist.
    • The exhibited artworks will be showcased and can be viewed/sorted by artist, category, price, size, theme and other factors.
    • Online payments will be processed securely and accompanied by transparent transaction statements.

    We will support you and your artists every step of the way.

    • We carefully analyze and incorporate your requirements in the design and operation of your event.
    • We offer the participating artists the option to directly manage the sale of their artworks (instead of selling online).
    • We provide assistance to the participating artists and offer them guidelines and best practices for exhibiting online.
    • We contribute to marketing of your virtual event locally, regionally and beyond through content marketing and social media.
    • We assist you with the design of your virtual event's logo, slogan(s) and digital poster.


    Artist Entrance Fee

    (for 1 month exhibition) 

    $25 for up to 5 artworks $40 for up to 10 artworks
    This fee may be directly charged to the participating artists or it may be sponsored
    We do not charge commission on the sale of artworks

    Transaction Fee

    (covering the costs of online payment processing and disbursement of sale proceeds to artist when an artwork is sold)

    5% of the price of each artwork sold
    This fee will be charged to the artist whose artwork is sold.
    Delivery/Shipping Cost
    It is recommended that the participating artists offer o
    ptions for local delivery or pickup at no cost when possible.
    If shipping is required, the cost will be charged directly to the buyer

    To find our more about our "Virtual Art Exhibition" services and discuss your requirements, please contact us


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