Call for Artists and Artisans for l’Art en Fête 2022

L’Art en Fête 2022 is a virtual art exhibition for the Holiday Season to encourage "artful living & giving" and to support local artists and artisans. Organized by Ateliers MÜZ, this event will be held on from November 15 to December 24,  2022. We will promote this event  locally, regionally and beyond. Our marketing tools include public relations, print media, social media campaigns and search engine optimization.

L'Art en Fête 2022 is open to artists and artisans from the Laurentians and the surrounding areas. 

Exhibiting at this event is free of charge for the artists currently exhibiting on our platform. 

For all other artists, our offer includes: 

  • Artist profile Page: bio + photo / Image
  • Display of up to 5 artwork: image + detailed information (e.g., title, price, description, medium and presentation) for each artwork.
  • Online purchasing /payment processing
  • Subscription to our standard exhibition plan; you get to keep and update your online gallery on our platform for one year!!! You will also have the option to upgrade to our premium plan when you wish. Please see here for all the benefits included in these plans. 

The fees are $ 30 + 20% commission for each artwork sold. Applications may be made until November 30 by filling this form.

Artwork categories accepted include painting, sculpture (on stone, wood, etc.), stained glass, ceramic, jewelry, etchings, fabric art and photography.

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