Sandy Baylin; Ivry-sur-le-Lac, Québec

I am a landscape painter living in Ivry-sur-Le-Lac where I have been actively painting in acrylics for 25 years. The changing seasons are my inspiration that support my body of work. My exhibit history includes over 30 group shows and 10 solos. I am the proud winner of awards for my work.

My lifelong love and connection with the Laurentians has been my inspiration behind my creativity. The changing seasons offers exciting new palettes that beg to be painted, and I find myself driven to capture elements of the outdoors on canvas.

My brushstrokes are visible. I’m not interested in trying to copy the details of an area; rather, I find myself quickly applying colours in layers that represent the varieties of light and shadows. Some might consider me to be a ‘quick painter’ and in fact I do not linger over details. Thus, a single wide brushstroke may represent an array of minutia. I leave that with the viewer’s natural ability to infer what is being portrayed through my paint.

As with all artists, deeply observing these surroundings and then transferring that knowledge onto canvas through colour choices, as well as presenting a balanced composition, are what builds an interesting visual story for the viewer.

There’s a deep focus, joy and satisfaction that accompanies my painting process. I hope viewers of my work are also drawn to the scenes I capture on canvas and feel the ambiance of each passing season, making the Laurentian scenes their own as well.
Although my still life, interiors and character portraits are created less frequently, they are painted with the same enthusiasm as are my landscapes.
I have been a member of well established Montreal art groups tor decades where I have been fortunately influenced and educated by successful and respected artists before me.
My work is included in private collections across Canada (Calgary, Edmonton, London, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal) and as well as in England and Guernsey.

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