Submit Art or Craft Workshop / Class Information

Please provide the information about your workshop / class in English, in French or in both languages as you wish to have them presented to the public. The information you provide will not be translated by Ateliers Müz.

Photographs are important to attracting attendees. They must be attractive and good quality images in order to capture attention.

Please keep in mind:

  • Upload high-resolution images but avoid large images (> 5M) as it could slow down the page on which your artwork is displayed.
  • Include your name and workshop / class title in the file name of your images.

Note: Our team reviews each submitted workshop / class to make sure it complies with Ateliers Müz's criteria for quality and appropriateness. We promote workshops / classes that are unique, authentic and have good artistic features. The quality of the information and images submitted must also meet our standard. We will notify the applicants if a workshop / class is not selected to be exhibited on our platform.

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