Cory Ciona; Lac-Supérieur, Québec

Emerging Canadian Artist, Cory uses everything but the brush when he creates his abstract acrylic pieces. Searching for raw texture and movement in each of his paintings, the use of knives, machete, plastic and wood are the materials in his arsenal to achieve his vision.

Now more than ever, we have that feeling of being alone in a world we can’t control, still searching for our path. These are some of the emotions portrayed in the latest collection of monochrome, black and white abstract Birch.

There is a deep thoughtfulness behind each piece of work, involving the viewer to look between the lines, the layers of paint to see what is hidden, to create one’s own reality from what you see.

Gaining exposure in numerous publications in Canada and the UK, including Vogue, the artist is in numerous private collections in London, Sydney, LA and Toronto

Instagram: @coryciona

Facebook: @cionastudio48 Artist


- Alberta College of Art and Design 1998

- Canadian Association of Professional Sommeliers 2007

- Cory studied in London, Sydney and Montreal to draw inspiration for his emotional and yet thought provoking materiel. 


- The Other Art Fair, Brooklyn, New York 2020

- La Quintessence du Vin 2017,2018, 2019, Mont-Tremblant QC

- Canadian Art & Wine Festival, Mont-Tremblant, Québec

2011, 2012, 2015, 2021

- Closure, Mont-Tremblant, Quebec 2019

- Vogue UK, Living in Luxury December 2015

- Dissemblance III, Greenfield Park, Québec 2014

Showing at Gallérie Sonia Monti, Paris; Coco Pazzo restaurant, Mont Tremblant, QC and Café Charlotte, Saint-Jovite, QC


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