Festival Imagine Raffel Prize Donors

AAL wishes to thank its community supporters for donating prizes for the festival's raffle

Angi Bloom and Jayne P.

Yoga nordic walking gift certificates

Annie Depont

Book - Fanny, les ailes sur le sol, Aug. 2021

Baton Rouge

Gift certificates

Carol Lyng

Gift certificate - Pet Portraiture

Groomer Roxanne

Gift certificate for grooming pets - Le Coin des Poilus du Nord

Heather MacLeod

Guru yoga mat

Jayne Pollock

Nordic poles - Vipole hiking poles 

Josephine Piazza

Yoga gift certificates - adapted chair yoga class

Koura olives

Specialty box of 3 oils

Natacha Dufour

Gift certificate - Manicure regular or gel polish

Natasha and Stephen


Patty Desrosiers

Women's ski jacket, size medium

Ultramar Darcy

Gift certificate - gas card at Ultramar Lachute

Wendy Trautwein

Luxury gift basket - items for bath and shower

Lori Leonard

Gold cutlery set - Luxury place setting for one person

Lori Leonard

Men's rain jacket - Size medium with hood

Chaussures Monik - Lachute
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