Festival Imagine Online - Coming soon!

- A celebration of autistic creativity, diversity, talent and spirit in the Laurentians

16 July - 16 August 2022



Presented by Autism & Arts in the Laurentians (AAL) 

AAL is a community based non-profit organization which provides free art and socio-recreational activities to autistic and neurodiverse young adults.



Festival Imagine Online showcases six established and emerging autistic artists and recognizes the beautiful and unique artwork created by neurodivergent students from many special needs communities throughout Montréal and surrounding regions.

In collaboration with its members, artists, partners, and sponsors, AAL's mission is to showcase the creativity, passion, and talent of artists with autism and other special needs through an inclusive and supportive artistic experience for autistic & neurodiverse creators and festival goers and to provide an opportunity for all communities to explore common interests in the arts. 

Festival Imagine Online is an extension of the in-person art exhibition, Festival Imagine, to be held on July 9 & 10, 2022 at Dunany Country Club.  The vision for Festival Imagine is to bring neurotypical & neurodivergent communities together and celebrate the rich inner world & creativity of autistic artists. This event will feature artist kiosks, interactive activities, raffle and silent auction of artwork by renowned Laurentians artists. Details.

A separate on-line auction benefitting AAL will also be held on from July 1/2022 1pm to July 8/2022 1pm featuring artwork donated by well-known Laurentian artists Lise Tanguay Chowdhury, Karen Savage et al.


    Featured Artists

    AAL has assembled a group of 6 established and emerging autistic and neurodiverse artists & artisans from Montreal and surrounding regions as they reflect the broad creative and cultural diversity of the autistic community in Canada. These featured artists are:


    Casey Vormer (Remrov)

     Pencil Artist (Photorealistic) & Published Author (Connecting with the Autism Spectrum)


    Zach Reiman (Zach Designs)

    Illustrator and 3D Artist (Imaginative)


    Lena Baldoni (Sourie Animé)

    Painter and Illustrator (Imaginative)



    Benjamin Lachapelle (Ben Animalia)

    Painter, Sculptor (Realistic &Imaginative) & Published Author/Illustrator


    Ryan Botelho

    Illustrator (Realism) & Intersection Art Contest winner



    Jonathan Pepin

    Illustrator (Imaginative) & Intersection Art Contest Winner



    Participating Schools

    Festival Imagine Online also showcases 87 artwork by neurodivergent students from many special needs communities including:

    • Summit School
    • Carlyle Elementary School (EMSB)
    • Dunrae Gardens Elementary School (EMSB)
    • Galileo Adult Education Centre (EMSB)
    • John Grant High School IEMSB)
    • L.I.N.K.S. High School (EMSB)
    • Westmount Park Elementary School (EMSB)
    • WINGS Senior Class (EMSB)
    • Roslyn School (EMSB)


    AAL wishes to thank its partners and community supporters




    Community Supporters: 


    Gore Express

    Hotel Laurentien - Lachute

    Chaussures Monik - Lachute

    Dunany Studio Artists

    Sourire Anime

    Remrov’s Artwork

    Zach’s Designs

    Michael Rivard

    Susan McDonald

    Jenny Lewis

    Marla Yanofsky

    Lori Leonard

    Donor Artists (Silent and Online Auction)

    Raffle Prize Donors

    Festival Imagine goals

    • To promote & celebrate the work of neurodiverse Anglophone Artists and and to promote inclusive practices in the art market
    • To increase Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) awareness & acceptance and to increase the social engagement of this marginalised group within the Laurentians
    • To assist in the development of emerging Anglophone artists living with ASD and other special needs and to provide working experience and valuable sales opportunities to neurodiverse youth in the arts
    • To celebrate AAL’s 5-year anniversary and fundraise for future programming

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