Exhibit with us V1

Whether you are a professional, amateur an emerging artist, exhibit with us to attract art lovers to your artistic talent and creations by establishing a strong on-line presence!

We will create and showcase your online art collection featuring your talent and creativity on our trusted e-commerce platform helping you sell your artworks and art workshops / classes regionally and beyond!

Get Exposure:

  • Gain visibility. Bring attention to your talent and creations by presenting your bio, inspiration and artworks through an attractive online gallery for more art lovers to see. We market our platform through social media channels and our network of partners (private and governmental organizations).
  • Get your online collection promoted. Gain extra visibility for your online collection through specific and targeted marketing. We will promote your talent and artworks through our Web and SM channels. (Premium Plan)
  • Join Collective Exhibitions. Discover opportunities to participate at art shows. We will bring to you opportunities to apply for exhibiting at such events (physical and virtual) as they become available.

Sell your artworks:

  • Sell Online. Offer your artwork fans a pleasant and time saving shopping experience. Our platform is equipped with easy to use and secure online shopping and payment processing tools.
  • Get paid quickly. We will submit to you a transparent statement containing detailed information about the transaction as soon as your artwork is sold and we will transfer the funds to you within 5 business days after the items are delivered to the purchasers. 

Sell art-based services:

  • Promote and Sell Workshops and Speaking Events. Leverage your artistic talent to design art-based services and generate additional income. We will help you promote and sell your events through our platform and we can even host your virtual events!

 Tap Expertise and Support:

  • Access Useful Resources. We offer best practices and guides for artists on topics such as marketing, art preview tools(advice on how to present your art), workshop instruction, etc. (best positioning your artwork for sale.
  • Access Professional Assistance. We offer business and marketing consulting services in areas such as developing artist statement, social media marketing, tools for previewing artwork in virtual rooms, etc.
  • Access Technical Support. We support you every step of the way to make your experience smooth, pleasant and rewarding.

Exhibition Plans  

Standard Plan  Premium Plan
Gain visibility
Sell artworks online

(exhibit up to 5 artworks at a time)

(exhibit up to 10 artworks at a time)

Opportunity to join collective exhibitions
Gain extra visibility for your online collection through specific and targeted marketing
Promote and sell art workshops /classes and other art related events
Option to manage the sale of your artworks yourself (instead of through online transaction)
No. of images displayed for each of your artworks 1 image/artwork Up to 5 images/artwork
Commission on sales 20% 10%
Fee No Fee

$10/month (charged semi-annually)

Incremental Option:

Get your online collection prominently featured on our Website homepage and Social Media Channels





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