Carte de la magie du territoire de la MRC des Laurentides

- an interactive art map to showcase the attractions within the region of the MRC des Laurentides

The MRC des Laurentides has granted Ateliers Müz financial assistance to create an attractive and engaging infographic map of its territory, the "Carte de la magie du territoire de la MRC des Laurentides ". The aim of this project is to develop an interactive and visually appealing tool to promote the interesting and distinct features and capabilities of the municipalities and towns of the MRC des Laurentides to potential visitors, vacationers, workers, and businesses.

This map will incorporate artwork created by the remarkable pool of local artists and artisans, symbolizing the magical features of the territory as well as text, images and video links to provide a unique and memorable perspective on the region.

Not only will this project support the social, economic, and cultural development within the territory of the MRC des Laurentides, but it will also bring visibility and prosperity to our talented local artists.

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